Saturday, February 6, 2010

TOP 30 !!

Over 100s of artworks from malaysian artis participated in "Hari Aids Kebangsaan"

at first i was not realy in a mood or interested to join participating in this contest because of some reasons :

1stly its was opened for all malaysians otai pro artis that surely threating my chance

2ndly bussy and pretend to bz...ha ha

3rdly lazy...honest huh

but somehow at the last day of closing date, i was "playing" with my 2b pencil on paper...sketching sumthing that brain was tickles of hari aids sedunia just following my wild sketching on aids n stuff like that not with the idea to enter/join or submit the artwork...little by litle, minute by minute i didn't realize that i was almost finishing my sketches...quite good sketches boosted me up to render it in phothoshop...

after that, it is seems like the artwork was ready to submit, not realy great masterpiece as you see upthere...

but! who knows! with that sketches , it choosed by the juries to put it into top 30, ! haha...not bad...

now, my artwork there is joining the "Art Exhibition - Seni Untuk Aids" - by prostar & angkatan pelukis darul ridzuan... anyways, it can make me smile!