Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The One That Got Away!

I am an angler, the best thing to tell n share wit friends after comeback from fishing, beside all the fishes that i bring back is the story of the one that got away (the thrill), usually the one that got away always happen to be such a big 10kgs above toman or tapah or blooper !

i just came back from my team building course at kendong,n9...the purpose of that meeting/course is actually as what as it called - team building, and for me,it does suit its purpose to educated us or educated me (rather) about leadership, interdependent, spiritual etc..
and for me personally, its teach me about the one that got away!

i did not ashamed to share that i always forgot the basic thing when some task, job, project, obligation imposed unto me! as remided to me in the course, that is to really catch n grasp the message n objective of the task! before planning the way to finnish it!so i can really help my client reach their goal effectively!
thank to Allah swt, as in the course, i did realize so many shortcoming n weakness of me that i should work out! isyaAllah...

p/s thank to sukabumi, trainer (mr kamil & mrs sheila) , fasilitators (andika, mas n others), my friends in scorpions, tokmau, rimau, piranha, wolfmaster! for everithings!
i can never thank them enough!


Nik said...

still waiting the photos from andika and anybody elses who have it

armmean said...

weih..tulih jepung plak..payah nak paham nih..

Nik said...

muahaha...len kali kalo nampak artikel inglish..ko wat taktau je la...aku pun hantam jer da...aku pun x paham

Tuhfat al-Nafis11 said...

woi mancing tak ajak tuu...tamak betul..nak tanyer sungai ke kolam? Are U Beginner or Pro in This?