Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TW's corat coret

When non muslim leader act like muslim (in politics), opposed to muslim leader who don’t act like (real) muslim (in what u call politics), in the middle of multi tribes , races n religions…who will win man? U think…. I did got the answer… Neither heaven n the earth shall've tears for them… (in other word, for us)

i just comeback from penang, really they(my fellow muslim friend with turban on the head) tell me how they feel - every way the state governmt respond to them, make life easy for them, in business, education, their needs, helping the poor no matter who ...ect..
and i say, this is becoz the unbelievers act like believer and believers act like unbeliever(maybe they just act good to score point in politics, but can we act...good....)these charming management of non muslim is doing their great job. maybe from they p.o.v, they are honest, they want to proove sumthing.

look at ourself...

from they point of view, they r doing the noble job. they r sincere, maybe they wat to save us from hellfire(from they point of view), but we know their concept of god, heaven n hell is not right. what r we to do. we have to educate them about god, heaven n hell, about ISLAM, with beautiful way of talking, sharing our concept of God (al-Ikhlas). like in the Quran, we r told to invite the people to the way of Allah swt with beautiful preaching, wisdom.
but in order to educate them, we have to educate ourself, an for that..imparatively we need to read and understood the messages in Quran, this Quran is our treasure, mirracle of mirracles. it is to be read, understood n shared, not for keeping.

ehe, actualy i am knocking the door of very deep subject, very deep. i can carry on writing till night.maybee some of it will be very critical idea.. but nobodys will read. so i will stop here!(for this time)....salam

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